Welcome to Rotary! New Members should aim to complete the following requirements within 6 months. Farheena Siddiqui will help you schedule these requirements. Please contact her at [email protected]  if you have any questions. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Supply a pictureof yourself for our Membership Directory to [email protected]or have Larry Alberson, Club photographer take your picture at a regular Club meeting.
  2. Join the Fellowship Committeeto serve as a “Greeter” for one month. This is a great way to meet your fellow Rotarians. Contact Dick Lacquement to join the Committee and get started (report completion of 4 Greeter periods with Farheena Siddiqui).
  3. Join the Community Projects CommitteeContact Mary Lee Anderson to find out how to become involved in current Community Projects (report the completion of one community service event to Farheena Siddiqui).
  4. Attend a monthly Board meetingand find out what happens behind the scenes. The Board of the Rotary Club of Alexandria usually meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 10:45. Please check with any board member for the next board meeting date and location and report completion to Farheena Siddiqui.
  5. Have 100% “perfect attendance”for 3 months. Regular attendance is an important part of Rotary membership. If you cannot attend a meeting, you can “makeup” within 14 days before or after your missed meeting.  You can also makeup by attending another club gathering, another Rotary Club’s meeting in person or online, or viewing videos online at our Club website. To learn more, go to, click “Membership” and see locations of other Clubs, and information about “Online Makeups.” Report the date and location of your makeup immediately to Donna Wilson.
  6. Attend a “Fireside Chat” This is usually an evening meeting at which you learn more about Rotary. The meeting is usually at a Club Member’s home. Only two are scheduled each year so you should make every effort to attend when one is announced. (Confirm your attendance with Farheena Siddiqui)
  7. Deliver a “Rotary Factoid”at a regular meeting. This is a one to three minute presentation of a fact(s) about Rotary not commonly known. (Schedule date with Farheena Siddiqui.)
  8. Deliver an 8-minute “Classification” talkat a regular meeting during. This is an informal talk about your personal and professional background. (Schedule date with Farheena Siddiqui.)


Note: Sometime completing all these requirements takes a year. Some have done it in a few months. Email and phone numbers are available in the club directory or our online directory. Please email any questions or completion reports to the Red Badge Coordinator, Farheena Siddiqui at: [email protected]



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