Alexandria Rotary Club Reporting of Make-ups

Your attendance is important to our club! We are trying to have making up and reporting them as simple as possible. Attending another club’s meeting counts of course. Other make-ups include attending other Rotary functions, committee meetings, representing the club or Rotary at events or meetings and making up online. Any of these done 14 days before or after the scheduled meeting date missed will be counted. Notify Donna Wilson or me know so we can record your make-up.

For a list of clubs and meeting times, click here: District 7610 Clubs

For a list of eClubs formaking up online, go to the online make-up page under this attendance heading.

One of the many benefits of Rotary Club membership is the luxury of being able to travel the world and never miss a weekly meeting. Club members are welcome and encouraged to visit clubs while traveling to make-up the meeting missed back home. Here is a list of some of local Rotary Clubs.

But Rotarians often ask what options exist if there is not a club in the area of travel, or if the member is home but an emergency causes them to miss a meeting. Well, the answer is as close as your home computer.

Please use Donna’s link Donna Wilson” Donna Wilson” to report make-up(s). Kindly include as much as you can of the following to make it easier to properly credit your make-up. Thank you for supporting our club!

  1. Member Name(s):
  2. Meeting Date Missed:
  3. Date of Make-up:
  4. Make Up Meeting or Event Name:
  5. Person Reporting Make-up(s):

Cut and paste the above in the body of your email and edit

Making Up On Line

Rotary International has approved the request of 27 clubs to form with virtual or electronic locations. A visit to one of these e-clubs may satisfy a club member’s make-up requirement.

Another option would be to make up a meeting on-line. There a number of Rotary E-Clubs on-line right now. See Rotary E-Clubs for more information. Click on the site, follow the directions, and make sure either Nolan Forness or Donna Wilson receive a report of your make-up.

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