Contribution Day 2019

At its Contributions Day Luncheon on June 11, 2019, the Rotary Club of Alexandria awarded $70,000 to 37 local nonprofits serving children, youth, seniors and people with special needs in the city of Alexandria.  The Alexandria Day Nursery, an affiliated fund of the Alexandria Rotary which supports programs that serve our city’s youngest citizens, awarded grants in the amount of $61,550.00 to 15 child-serving organizations.

In 2020, we will award $75,000 at Contributions Day which is June 16, 2020.

2019 Recipients include:

Alexandria Police Foundation (APF)
Ginny Obramovich, Executive Director

A non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing resources to the Alexandria Police Department to improve officer performance, morale, and effectiveness, and to ensure the care and well-being of its active and retired police dogs. “Shop with a Cop” is an opportunity for Alexandria officers and APF members “COPS” (Community Oriented Policing Section) to take “children in need” out shopping for Christmas, instilling values from helpful authority figures.

Alexandria Seaport Foundation
Kathy Seifert, Executive Director

ASF’s Apprentice Program has been in operation since 1993 and has impacted the lives of hundreds of local at-risk youth in need of direction. Through adult mentoring, project-based learning and the craft of wooden boat building, young people are provided the career, life and academic skills necessary to secure and maintain employment and/or pursue post-secondary education.

Alexandria Symphony Orchestra
Melinda Kernc, Co-Executive Director

It is a long standing musical icon in the City of Alexandria. It enhances the quality of culture life and assists musical education with musical activity support in Alexandria Public Schools. Funds will be used to expand the Sympatico program for 130 students.

Alexandria Tutoring Consortium
Lisa Jacobs, Program Director

ATC provides the foundation for future learning success by helping to ensure that children in the Alexandria Public School Systems can read at or above grade level by the end of the third grade.

Diane Charles, Executive Director

Serving Alexandrian’s since 1969, Alive helps children, families and adults meet their needs for food, shelter, emergency assistance and early education.  They will use 100% of the grant funds for their food and emergency assistance project.

Arts on the Horizon 
Michelle Kozlak, Producing Artistic Director & Founder

Arts on the Horizon puts on high-quality theater presentations for Alexandria youth at an affordable rate.  Our grant will be used to help with classes teaching literacy, tactile skills, and auditory skills.

Best Buddies
Karen Glasser, Regional Director

This organization is a global volunteer movement whose mission is to provide one to one friendships for those with intellectual & developmental difficulties.  The Rotary contribution will support and strengthen Alexandria citizens with IDD, supporting 90 youth who attend high school and 2 elementary schools.

Bridges to Independence
Sam Kelly, Executive Director

This organization provides emergency shelter to its Sullivan House and re-housing for Arlington County and City of Alexandria.  Rotary grant supports Adopt-A-Family, Homecoming kit for each family, Emergency Fund, transportation and/or childcare for securing employment.

LaVon Curtis

The Bryce Project empowers young disadvantaged women in the community to improve self-esteem thru personal improvement training, etiquette, leadership and community services. Funds will be used to host a “Career Day” for training 30-45 young women.

Campagna Center
Joy Myers, Chief Development Officer

This organization delivers educational and social development programs to low income, at risk children and adults in the city of Alexandria, offering early childhood, before and after school programs, mentoring, tutoring, college and career readiness planning and adult English Language.

Carpenters Shelter
Monise Quidley, Director of Development

The Carpenters Shelter provides housing and support for the homeless in Alexandria. One of the Shelter’s important programs is Children’s Hour, a volunteer led program for children living at the Shelter. The Shelter plans to provide 10 fun and/or educational outings for the 10 to 15 children living at the Shelter – trips to museums and theaters, movies, ice skating, etc. The Rotary grant will support these outings.

Casa Chirilagua
Dawnielle Mille, Executive Director

Casa Chirilagua provides literacy and math support to about 42 students in Alexandria that attend after school enrichment programs for at-risk Latino children.  They will use their grant funds for the purchase 7-8 computers and to help train volunteers.

Center for Alexandria’s Children
Giselle Pelaez, Executive Director

Rotary award to support Snack & Chat sessions for two of the Center’s Learn & PlayGroups™ (LPG) for one year, benefitting approximately 30-40 Alexandria parents and their children.  The Center provides 39 weeks of Learn & PlayGroups™ (LPG) for up to 400 children ages 0-5 and their parents/caregivers, focusing on social-emotional development essential to school readiness.

Community Lodgings
Lynn Thomas, Executive Director

This organization was founded by eight Episcopal churches in 1987 with the goal of ending homelessness in the City of Alexandria.  They have grown to include affordable housing for 39 low income families and 6 transitional families. The Rotary contribution will provide 6 weeks of summer programming to 50 low income and homeless students.

Concerned Citizens Network of Alexandria
Gwendolyn H. Lewis, Founder & Executive Director

Their Reach & Rise for Excellence (RARE) program founded in 2009 to remedy low academic achievement and high dropout rates of minorities as Alexandria City Public Schools.  Rotary grant will be to expand RARE program of Hammond students moving on to TC Williams.

First Night
Marilyn Patterson, Executive Director

First Night provides an Annual all day family friendly, budget friendly alcohol free New Year’s celebration through performing arts of approximately 150 performances in 20+ venues. Complimentary admission or special rates are provided to make it affordable for first responders and military families.

Friends of Alexandria Community Mental Health
Rebecca Grueneberger, Co-Chair

This organization serves adults, families and children with mental health issues in the City.  Their grant funds will be used to assist those individuals having emergency financial and special needs, along with their educational programs.

Friends of Guest House
Marisa Tordella, Operations Manager

Friends of Guest House helps women successfully reenter the community from incarceration, addressing the root causes of female incarceration through their 5 Pillars of Livability framework—healthcare, employment, education, housing, and family/community reconnection. Rotary award will strengthen the Workforce and Life Development (WLD) program.

Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia- 
Rev. Jon Smoot, Executive Director

Rotary Grant (along with other grant money) will officially launch Critical Home Repair (CHR) Program for non-cosmetic interior and exterior repairs for low income homeowners.  This program will improve quality of life for low income families and will serve the unique needs of elderly, veterans and / or other disabled.

Latino Economic Development Center
Alexandra Boycheck, Regional Program Manager

This organization assists immigrants, refugees and low income young women to develop financial literacy, microbusiness and enhancing self-esteem, confidence to grasp economic opportunities. Funds will be used for their Entrepreneur Boot Camp for 20 young aspiring women in Alexandria.

Liberty’s Promise
Dr. Robert Ponichtera, Executive Director

Liberty’s Promise conducts after-school civic-engagement programs for low-income, immigrant youth ages 15-21 which are designed to provide a smooth transition to their new life in the United States and help them prepare for their future. The Rotary grant will be used to support field trips for 70 T.C. Williams youth to local civic sites, museums and monuments in Washington D.C., and area colleges or universities.

Literary Council of Northern Virginia
Michael Mahrer, Director of Development & Public Relations

This organization’s programs provide beginner level English instruction for 60 adults and 100 dependent children. It emphasizes adult engagement in children’s educational activities by enabling parents to develop skills to become their child’s first teachers.

Neighborhood Health
Jane Knops, Director of Community Partnerships & Communications

This organization addresses the health needs of families who are low-income, uninsured or underinsured by providing access to high-quality primary care regardless of ability to pay. The Rotary contribution will be used to purchase 2 pulse oximeters with reusable probes for infants.

Next Step Pilates
Karen Garcia, President of the Board

This organization provides authentic Pilates to military personnel and veterans who have been injured as a result of their service to our country. The focus of this program is to help veterans with chronic pain from their service to our country lead a better, stronger and pain free life through movement.

Northern VA Family Service
Lindsay Kearney, Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations

This organization funds will be used to support families in positive parenting, optimal child health development, promotion of school readiness, and prevention of parental abuse in a measured results program.

Nueva Vida
Laura Logie, Director of Research

This organization provides education for Latino women in Alexandria who are medically underserved and uninsured.  They will use their grant funds for their outreach and education programs which includes their breast cancer education program.

Capt. Willie Bailey, Board Member

This organization provides children in Alexandria city and Fairfax with new coats, serving approximately1000 children. The effort keeps children warm, develops self-esteem and allows families to use valuable resources for other vital needs while creating good will and positivity between the Police and Firefighters who distribute them.

Ratcliff Thomas Foundation
Ratcliff Thomas, Founder & CEO

Their focus is on working with economically underprivileged middle and high school students to promote positive self-esteem, structure, discipline and encourage hard work.  They will be using their grant funds for back to school haircuts for approximately 70 students, sponsor approximately 100 students for football camps and clinics and Thanksgiving turkey baskets for about 75 families.

Rebuild Together Alexandria
Breanne Driscoll, Outreach Manager

This organization repairs homes, revitalizes communities, and rebuilds lives by maintaining the housing stock for low-income residents, including families with children, seniors, individuals living with disabilities, and veterans. Grant funds will be used to purchase material and labor for repairs that will reduce accidents and injuries for all household members, and help families stay in their own homes longer, which strengthens local communities.

Running Brooke
Danielle Seiger

This organization is intended to see that all Alexandria children, no matter their backgrounds or circumstances, to receive the physical, emotional and educational benefits of the CDC recommended 60 minutes per day of physical activity.  Rotary’s contribution will provide 625 at risk kids with 25 Move2Learn Teacher tool kits combined with 45 minutes of person teacher training.

Stop Child Abuse Now (“SCAN)
Sally Richards, Director of Development

Their Parent Education and Court Appointed Special Advocate (“CASA”) programs promote well-being, improve parent-child relations and prevent child abuse and neglect. Rotary grant will partially fund 2018-19 budgets for Parent Education program implementation expenses and CASA.

Alexandria Scholarship Fund
Beth Lovain, Executive Director

Their funds will be used in supporting 3000 ACPS middle schoolers & 4000 ACPS high schoolers who are socio-economically disadvantaged (20 countries – 60 languages).

Senior Services of Alexandria
Cassie Chesson, Development Director

This organization fosters independence and self-sufficiency enabling seniors within the city of Alexandria to age with dignity. They provide varied programs like Meals on wheels, Groceries to Go, The Friendly Visitor Program, Animeals, Senior Information and Education Programs, and the Senior Ambassador Program. A new program “Caring Connection” aims at providing monitoring statistics for vulnerable seniors living alone with potential crisis situations.

Space of her own
No Representative Attending

Their focus is on improving literacy and the lives of young people, senior citizen and others with special needs in Alexandria. They will use their grant funds to “make over” 24 Alexandria girls bedrooms.

Alexandria Singers
Bill Colosimo, Music Director

They improve the lives of young people in Alexandria through music and will use the grant funds to help establish choral workshops for middle and high school students.  These workshops will serve approximately 195 students.

The Arc of Northern Virginia 
Howard Stregack, Director of Development

The Arc of Northern Virginia helps protect the rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Our grant will help create translated guides of different languages for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Together We Bake
Stephanie Wright

This Program gives primarily, formerly incarcerated women another chance. Funds will be used for 10 cell phones & prepaid cards; and computer solid state drives and RAM sticks

Urban Alliance
Chrissy McCurdy, Northern Virginia Executive Director

5 million youth in the US and 11,000 in Fairfax, Arlington and Alexandria have a disconnect from the workplace and school, lacking the skills /networks or support resources to succeed, resulting in lower employability, fewer earnings and less life satisfaction. This program responds to the prevalence of this disconnection and attempts to empower these disadvantaged youth to aspire work and succeed through paid internships, formal training and mentorship through 3 programs.

Volunteer Alexandria
Marion Brunken, Executive Director

Volunteer Alexandria help Alexandrian s give back to this City through volunteering. Our grant is being used to help with their Toy Drive that benefits 300 families in need.

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