The 2023 Grant Application Form will be available in mid January 2023

2023 Grant Program
Dear Nonprofit Friends,
The Rotary Club of Alexandria Grant Program provides financial support to nonprofit organizations that advance literacy for children and adults and/or improve the lives of children, youth, seniors, and others with special needs within the city limits of Alexandria.
The Rotary Club of Alexandria provides funds for specific programs and activities that strengthen core programs; provide seed funding for a new program, program element or initiative; or support capital expenditures. Collaborative projects with other nonprofits are accepted, with a single grant made to the lead organization. Usually, grants for ordinary operating or maintenance expenses are not considered.
The grant application should specifically address the need being met and identify the impact of the program or initiative for which funding is being sought.  Please make sure to include the number of Alexandria City residents served (especially important if program serves multiple jurisdictions), as well as recent demographics, including, if possible, the percentage of low or moderate-income individuals served through the funded program.
Please note that a key objective of the Grants Program is to form ongoing, mutually beneficial working relationships between the Rotary Club of Alexandria and our grant recipients, with each supporting the programs and activities of the other. In particular, the Rotary Club invites and encourages the active involvement of grant recipients in publicizing and participating in its annual “Taste for Giving” event, the primary source of the funding for the Rotary grants program. The Rotary Club of Alexandria also requests that awardees acknowledge Rotary funding in their newsletters, annual reports, and on social media.
Grant amounts typically range from $500 to $5000 with the average of $2,050 per recipient. Given the number of worthy grant applications, awards are seldom able to be made at the higher levels. The Rotary Club of Alexandria reserves the right to periodically change these eligibility criteria and/or incorporate additional criteria.
More specific eligibility criteria are in the Grant Application form, available to download at the link above.
For further information, please contact the Contributions Committee at [email protected].
Thank you for your interest – and for the important work that you do in Alexandria.
Jermaine Mincey, Chair
Katy Fike, Co-Chair

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