Frank Fannon reported on the great success of the food and clothing drive recently (3 truckloads of food and clothing), we learned of the recent death of Roy Gravatte, Denny Kuhns told us of the Cambodian Water Project that supports over 500 families, Rick Bailer reminded us that next week’s speaker will provide an update on the Strategic Water Alliance, and Sharon Meisel told us to be prepared for the Trivia Pursuit on Saturday. Our speaker, Rachelle Bernstecker provided us a most informative presentation regarding the framework to understanding the Holocaust and how it could happen. Adolf Hitler led the Nazi efforts of the Holocaust as a state sponsored and systematic effort that was persecution and mass murder of 6 million Jews and other minorities which was the most unparalleled crime against humanity in the history of the world. It was carried out to attempt to provide racial purity for Germans so they could reproduce and dominate the world.