We had a great speaker, Sandy Markwood, from Dementia Friendly America to inform us of the many activities that are ongoing throughout the nation to both inform and support us about the details of dementia and activates that support both the individual with dementia and their caregivers. She told us about the groups of Dementia Friends, Dementia Friendly America, Dementia Friendly Communities, and Dementia Friendly Alexandria. Her presentation used a most interesting set of PowerPoint slides that were later sent out by John Moorman so we could all have access to that resource. Other key portions of the meeting dealt with *our raising $26,000 for Campagna Center, Jim Carmalt’s update about the development of a joint dinner theater and culinary institute at the old Mt. Vernon HS, plans for our next Trivia Pursuit on Sat Feb 20th starting at 6:45pm, and Drew Carroll recognizing birthdays of Connie Hammell, Earl Reid, and Jack Pitzer.