After announcements by President John Moorman, our newest member, Venera Anderson gave us a short version of her classification talk when she told us of her travels from place of birth in Russia, living in many lands, ending up married to an active duty US Marine with a young daughter after completing degrees from several schools including Harvard Business School and having Rotary relations in many places as well. Jeff Kohne gave us his reclassification talk: local boy born in Arlington, schools here in NOVA, degree from Bridgewater College, married to Maggie, met while her dad assigned to the Australian Embassy, and they have 2 kids and 4 grandkids. Our speaker was Dr. Vivek Sinha, Bellevue Medical Partners, who told us many details of the COVID-19 virus: transmitted mainly by aerial droplets within 6 feet, 70 % ethanol is a good disinfectant, people most infectious early in the disease, and show symptoms within 14 days of infection. He also provided clear and helpful answers to many questions raised by members on the Zoom.