This was an interesting and worthwhile meeting starting with our ‘legend’ newscaster, Gant Redmon, providing us our news, weather, and stock market reports. Gant highlighted that the presidential transition has finally started and he expects that President-Elect Biden will likely bring in a more traditional team to land running on January 20th. Rick Bailer recognized 10 birthdays: Marita Alabaster, Jim Aldige, Will Morris, Phil Gehrig, Frank Fannon, Jack Fannon, Dick Lacquement, Sharon Meisel, Geoff Thomas, and (Honorary Dana Lawhorn. Dick Lacquement proposed we have a trial period of dressing up a bit for our meeting at the first meeting each month and it was accepted. Denny Kuhns updated us on several international projects we are working on – Rosana for Palestinians get medical treatment by Israeli meds and helping fund a Covid-19 testing lab in Bangladesh. Our speaker was Kay Bransford who explained “Adulting” and her Memory Banc process to assist us as our skills need to adapt and change as we age.