This was an interesting and enlightening Zoom meeting with updates on Alexandria news, our Taste for Giving Travel Raffle, and birthday recognitions – prior to a most timely and fascinating presentation concerning the upcoming Presidential elections of 2020 by a nationally recognized political pollster, our own Whit Ayres. With his well prepared slides and informed observations, Whit took us through his analyses and thoughts about how Donald Trump won in 2016 and then covered numerous aspects he feels will be important in the 2020 election – just one month from the day of our meeting. Many key points were displayed that led Whit to observe that Joe Biden is ahead in the polls, mail voting may raise concerns, and the Republicans have a fight on their hands to retain control of the Senate but that no one thinks the Republicans have a chance of taking back control of the House. He closed by observing that our political system is undergoing an incredibly stressful test this year.