In addition to the normal elements of our meeting, this week we had a moment of silence in memory of Bob Calhoun’s recent passing, Donnie Simpson reported on our club’s support efforts for Boy Scouting, and birthday recognition of Taylor Barnes and Don Kellerman by Steve Wharton Frank Fannon introduced our speaker, Councilwoman Amy Jackson telling us she was raised in Florida, graduated from T.C.Williams HS, got degrees from Virginia Tech, was elected to the Alexandria City Council in 2018, and serves on the Senior Services Board, the Human Traffic Awareness Board, and the Human Rights Commission.. Councilwoman Jackson gave us a wide ranging presentation that included details about Covid-19 pandemic issues, planning for how to provide education in the pandemic, food distribution operations, and support for everyone providing their US Census info. Her final points related to the discussions in Council on the “needs vs wants” as pertain to budgetary decisions.