Our meeting on 21 July that is reported in this Forecaster provided us many very significant facts for our consideration in our role as a peace club. Our speaker was Dr. Ira Helfand who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017 and is a major player in the worldwide efforts to prevent nuclear war. As Nancy VG Cooper said in her introduction of Dr. Helfand, as a peace building club, we need to educate, promote, and serve our communities to improve attitudes toward peace. Dr. Helfand gave us a fantastic speech about the catastrophic results of nuclear war so we can join with fellow Rotarians and others around the world who are striving for peace. A major step would be for the US to initiate and enter negotiations with the other nuclear powers for a verifiable and forcible time bound agreement to dismantle remaining nuclear weapons arsenals. A most valuable and somewhat scary speech on a major peace related issue.