This was another busy ZOOM meeting with 65 members and guests signed in. The normal opening was ringing the Interact bell by Rick Endres, Pledge of Allegiance led by Taylor Barnes (US Flag flying in the background, and invocation by Jack Fannon that honored mothers everywhere. President Sharon Meisel had announcements about Flags for Heroes (wants each member to bring in 2 sponsors), Meals on Wheels soon to invite volunteers once again when they have the face covers being made by Interact, May birthdays by Drew that recognized Jeanne Theismann, and an update by Casey Lindsay on what he’s been doing. Drew Carroll introduced his friend Riki Ellison as our speaker – Riki is is a former NFL player (with 3 Super Bowl rings), coach at TC Williams, and founder of two active national programs. Riki gave us a very interesting and inspiring presentation and Sharon said we may need to invite him back in the future. Nancy VG Cooper has invited Walter Ruby, Kenneth Bob, and Dr. Maqsood Chandhry to provide next week’s speaker presentation about an international initiative to build better understanding between Israel and Palestine through healthcare.