Family Matters: How T.J. Fannon & Sons has navigated more than 130 years in business

Thomas Fannon, left, and Jack Fannon are the fourth generation of owners.

Thomas Fannon might be happiest in the office on a bitterly cold day. Add a chance of snow and it’s enough to get the heart racing.

“When you wake up in the morning and there’s a fresh-fallen foot of snow outside, both of us are jazzed,” Thomas, who goes by Tom, says of himself and his brother, Jack. “That gets the adrenaline going. You get in here and you get the trucks going and you get the satisfaction of overcoming whatever is thrown your way.”

It makes sense that Tom and Jack, owners of T.J. Fannon & Sons, would get a kick out of an extreme weather day. Their family-owned company is in the heating and air business, and has been navigating those busy winter days since 1885.

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