Our meeting on 16 April was both busy and interesting with info from Casey in his news segment about the sorrow of the fire at Notre Dame in Paris, Donna Wilson announcing the “Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers” award to Connie Hammell and Ru Toyama for their dancing prowess on Charter Night, Roger Grooms giving us a last encouragement for our Golf Tourney, Christine Friedberg reminding us of our effort with Rebuilding Alexandria on April 27th, and Rick Bailer recognizing birthdays of Jeff Kohne, Andrea Koslow, and himself. In this bulletin we also got key contact details on a new member, Denise Kasper. Our speaker last week was Ramon Montes from the Regratifying Foundation he founded to helping kids coming out of foster care to think about and plan for their future. This organization also sets up adult mentors for these kids to meet with and assist them twice monthly and one of these mentors was our member Farheena SIddiqui who is currently mentoring two foster kids.